Aah this old world, full of stuff we either don’t know about or don’t understand. As Nescio writes in De Uitvreter, the rivers keep flowing to the west while we wander the cities looking at the canals and shivering in the wind. We are all “freeloaders” on Mother Earth.


Exterior of Taschelles, 2010

But within our few short years we do find some memorable things, a few of which I’ve collected here from far and wide. Some are my own images and thoughts, though many come from others. I’ve tried to give credit where it’s due. My own collection about those I love also fits the bill.

(De Uitvreter was the original Dutch title of Nescio’s short story, translated as The Free Loader. Semantically the Dutch means someone who mooches around, ships out, “freights out” with other people’s stuff)

Further to the idea of wandering is an understanding of “utopia” and utopian thought is the basic notion that what we really live for, our purpose in being, is to raise children who can laugh and enjoy their life.

Tenzin Gyatso; The Fourteenth Dalai Lama has written clearly about this, pointing out that human beings do not really want suffering. It’s a thoughtful piece of writing that everyone should read at least once. Access it here if you wish.

Along the Landwehr Canal, Kreuzberg

Along the Landwehr Canal, Kreuzberg

So here we’ve collected images and text of our worldly wanderings, always finding something beautiful and intriguing, something worth commenting on as we just pass through.

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